Is organic baby clothing really healthier for babies then regular clothes?


The answer is a resounding "YES!" Many pesticides and chemicals used in growing and manufacturing cotton clothing are petroleum based and stay in the clothing even after washing. In addition, many of the pesticides used in cotton products are known carcinogens and can cause cancer. Many manufacturers of clothing additionally use dyes that can cause serious allergic reactions and side effects. Our organic baby clothing eliminates all possible health issues that come from traditionally grown cotton.


What is the real deal with organic baby clothes?

In our 2015 world of widespread pollution and our growing dependency on sythetic products, the need for organic baby clothing is more important than ever. Some might think that since there is so much pollution out there and almost everything we breathe, eat, drink and wear are more or less synthetic, what difference does organic baby clothing make? Although this might be the case, and one cannot singlehandedly change the world, we can still do the best we can for our babies. By making organic baby clothing accessible and affordable, we can set the trend and do our utmost to make a difference in our world.

Organic baby clothing is ideal for our babies. Sage Creek Organic's baby clothing is made in India using the finest organic cotton and all materials used in the construction of the clothes are certified by GOTS - the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means the threads, dyes, snaps, etc. are made using no chemicals, pesticides, flame retardants, lead, phthalates or PVC. The enamel coating on our snaps are BPA and BPS free. The clothing is natural and organic.


Delicate and Sensitive Skin of Babies

Organic clothing is super ideal for any baby, because a baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive. Therefore, it can be damaged by harsh chemicals or synthetic materials. Organic clothing is not harsh on the skin and does not cause allergies, rashes or irritation. Don't you want the best for your baby?


Cost of Organic Baby Clothing

Organic baby clothing can be more costly than other baby clothes. This is a result of the growing cotton being very prone to pest attacks, and it needs special care. Sometimes, the cotton crop is ruined by pests and cannot be used. Processing organic cotton in an organic fashion is costly, as using chemicals are far cheaper. But the shelf life of organic baby clothes should be longer. At Sage Creek Organics, we usually have some of our adorable soothing clothing on sale and this makes it easier on the pocketbook.

Cuddle your baby in soft, snuggly, and eco-friendly 100% certified organic cotton clothing from Sage Creek Organics. All our products in all Sage Creek brands - Kimki Organics, Max + Ella, Zoonana, Pumpkin & Peter, Kiyum Kids and Wiggle Giggle Coo are designed from GOTS certified organic cotton and natural, low-impact dyes. If you choose non-toxic, 100% organic, you can ensure the safety and comfort of your little one.


Saving Our Environment

In addition to exposing your little one to less allergic reactions and toxicity, these clothes are good for the environment as well. As no chemicals are used, there are less chemicals and toxicity in the environment and encouraging the purchase of organic baby clothes is a step to saving the environment for future generations.

We are excited to be part of the revolution that is making organic baby clothing more accessible to all and helping to keep our environment safe for our children and our future. Educate your friends and relatives to the importance of organic clothing for babies and young infants. You CAN make a difference!